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Kibububububu ([personal profile] kircheis) wrote2009-08-24 11:58 pm

lol i have one of these

That comment and I give you five words meme.

ITALY - When I thought about studying abroad, I never thought it'd be in Italy. I always thought I'd end up going to England or something. I wasn't even expecting to study abroad- it was a split moment decision when I randomly ran into a friend and asked what she was doing that summer. She said going to Italy, so I decided to go to. I submitted my application for the program the very last day and was on the phone with my dad 20 minutes after that telling him I was going to go.
After having over a month to reflect this trip really did change me. I like it.

Lichty & Christina - I always go for (unappreciated) background characters, and red-heads. And characters who die. (Because honestly, they got the best death in the whole damn series)

Meme - I don't know why I do theeeeeeeeeeeese

Porn - We're like friends. Good friends. That get together for drinks every two seconds and hang out. I've liked porn for quite a long time, nothings changing, and thank god for free porn sites.

BRB back to working on Castiel mix. (Which mainly means reading about Castiel getting his ass beat while listening to shitty music from Grey's Anatomy)